Red River – Van Eck can supply any type of poppy seed, in line with customer requirements.

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Red River – Van Eck specializes in the processing and distribution of poppy seed to the confection, spice and bakery industry. Besides poppy seed, Red River – Van Eck also provides a variety of other bakery ingredients, such as sunflower kernels, hulled millet, caraway seeds and pumpkin seeds. Our leading position in the industry has been realized through entrepreneurship, reliability and commitment to our customers.

Quality assurance

At Red River – Van Eck quality starts with the careful selection of the best quality seeds, procured in close cooperation with our local partners from countries around the world. In Zevenbergen we monitor the product throughout the different processes; from the initial analysis at the intake of raw materials to its final packaging and delivery.


The first cleaning steps consist out of aspiration and followed by ten sieves and screens. The sieves and screens are adjustable upon customer requirements and preference. After these steps the product will get to a B-7 separator which allows for additional extraction of impurities. After passing a final screen and two double rare earth magnets, the product is secured in a storage tank. Depending on the product we can include a de-stoning step or indent separator in the cleaning process.


Our production facility allows us to pack our products to the wish of our customer, ranging from 12,5 kg to 1.200 kg bags. Our robotized palletization allows any pattern and palletize.

Quality & Food Safety

Red River – Van Eck is periodically assessed by accredited certifying agencies as well as the Dutch Food Safety Authority. Our Company uses internal audits to verify our systems and fuel improvement. Red River – Van Eck is FSSC 22000 certified.


Our company is aware of its position in the supply chain for various food industries. We believe in, and support, (local) initiatives that stimulate agricultural sustainability. Red River – Van Eck sees success only in an effort together with their partners, customers, employees and suppliers in a long-term perspective. Red River – Van Eck follows a strict code-of-conduct.

In-shell sunflower seeds

Red River – Van Eck facilitates sales and marketing for Red River Commodities in the EMEA region. Red River – Van Eck also operates in Bulgaria, where we have exclusive Long Type US hybrid contract grown.