Red River – Van Eck specializes in the sourcing, processing and distribution of poppy seed to the confection -, spice – and bakery industry. Besides poppy seed, we also provide a variety of other (bakery and snack) ingredients, such as in-shell sunflower seeds, sunflower kernels, hulled millet, pumpkin seeds, natural / hulled sesame seeds, brown – as well as yellow flax seeds and caraway seeds. Our leading position in the industry has been realized through entrepreneurship, reliability and commitment to our customers.



Quality assurance

At Red River – Van Eck quality starts with the careful selection of the best quality seeds, procured in close cooperation with our local partners from countries around the world. We monitor the product throughout the different processes; from the initial analysis at the intake of raw materials until its final packaging and delivery.


Our state-of-the-art processing lines are designed in order to treat  products in a manner as specifically been required for. Our lines are equipped with the highest quality sieves, aspirators, pre- and main cleaning units, separators, metal detectors, filling- and final product storage tanks as well as weighing and bagging equipment. Additional de-stoner and/or gravity table processing steps can be included.


Our entirely integrated production facility allows us to fully automatically and safely pack our products to the specific wish of each and every customer. Packing sizes range from 10 kg bags up to 1.000 kg bags. Our technically advanced and effective robotized palletization solutions allow any high-speed pattern and palletize set-up.

Food safety

Red River – Van Eck is FSSC 22000 certified, being periodically assessed by accredited certifying agencies as well as by the Dutch Food Safety Authority.
Moreover, we also perform internal audits on a regular basis, in order to constantly verify our processes and systems.


Our company is aware of its position in the supply chain for various food industries. We believe in and support, (local) initiatives that stimulate agricultural sustainability. Red River – Van Eck sees success only in an effort together with their partners, customers, employees and suppliers in a long-term perspective. Red River – Van Eck follows a strict code-of-conduct.

Environmental Policy

Red River-van Eck B.V. recognizes that all the activities in the food industry have some impact on the environment. We believe that our performance of the products will be measured not only by our profitability, but also by our impact on the environment.
We will strive to continually improve environmental performance and prevent pollution of land, air, and water. As a business dependent on natural resources, we are acutely aware of the need to use those resources efficiently and with minimal impact on the environment.

In support of our principles, we will:

  • Integrate environmental considerations into all our business decisions and activities.
  • Implement systems and procedures to ensure continuous improvement of our
    environmental performance.
  • Comply with and where feasible exceed the minimum requirements of all applicable environmental legislation.
  • Encourage the adoption of similar principles from our suppliers.

To reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, our measures include to:

  • Manage our energy use and explore opportunities for reducing consumption.
  • Minimize the volume of waste, adopting the principles of the waste hierarchy and
    evaluating all operations.

We will endeavor to positively impact the local environment, economy, and society:

  • Considering and minimizing the impacts on local communities adjacent to our

We will promote environmental responsibility and improved environmental
performance across the business.

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